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We are glad to welcome you on the Blockchain Development sp. z o.o. Company home page. The BD main specialization consists in the projects development based on blockchain, heperledger and smart contracts (ERC20) technologies, as well as in these technologies integration into business processes. The company is also involved in the field of the crypto-currencies transactions actively in the CIS, the Baltic States, Poland, Germany, Qatar and some other EU and Asian countries.

Due to our experience in IT consulting and in the banking sector, we offer interesting solutions on the crypto- currency assets integration into the real sector of economy with the aim of optimizing taxes and costs on the monetary resources transactions between countries. Most of our clients are represented by CIS and EU legal entities. Our partners’ special interest is due precisely to the legitimate processes of the crypto-currency integration into the real sector of economy.

Having looked through this page, you can learn more about each of the services provided by the Blockchain Development sp. z o.o. We are interested in international development and partners in various parts of the world. If there is interest in the IT technology market, the blockchain industry, and the crypto-currencies in your country and you are willing to take part in this directly, we are open to negotiations and partnership relations discussion.

The areas of common interest sphere is extensive: bank payments, business, IT consulting, currency exchange, IT development, outsourcing and some other allied sectors. The countries with developing economy, having growth potential, demand for technology, and difficulties in economic spheres, cause the greatest interest in the company. If any of these areas are close to you, we are extremely interested in a possible partnership.

“Nothing is possible without allies and partners”
by Rex Wayne Tillerson

The company basic design development are based on Blockchain, Heperledger and Smart Contracts (ERC20) technologies with their subsequent into business processes. We operate with closed and public Blockchain registries; we cooperate with partners in the field of medicine, banking, and insurance.

BD supports projects from the consulting stage up to their practical implementation. The consulting primary stages are absolutely for free. We provide the project free analysis, its implementation feasibility, the labor costs evaluation, as well as help to compile competent TOR (Terms of Reference) and get feedback from the development team. The projects are broken down into stages, and if you need assistance only in a certain part, you can order this work milestone and continue on your own.

All the transmitted information shall be subject to strict secrecy under the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) framework. Since the Blockchain Development Company is in the European jurisdiction, this Agreement has considerable weight and we strictly adhere to this rule. You do not need to worry that your excellent idea or know-how can be used without your consent.

The company cooperates with the development teams from Switzerland, Estonia, Sweden, Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine. You will be able to approach your project implementation rationally, thanks to the opportunity to get feedback from specialists on your issue directly. To get advice on your project, just leave a request and we will contact you. It shall be possible to have a personal meeting in our office or an online dialogue.

Work with individuals
Work with companies (Europe, CIS, Asia and etc.)
Integration of cryptocurrencies in business processes

The Blockchain Development Company renders services in the field of the crypto-currencies exchange for Fiat money and back. All transactions shall be strictly regulated and are legitimate in our jurisdiction.

In addition to the crypto-currencies direct exchange for Fiat money and back, we offer tax optimization services for the monetary resources received from the tokens sale. Our clients often come to us with a request to receive a certain amount in the necessary jurisdiction for investment or the certain assets acquisition. During our operation, we have developed several options for this service implementation and will be happy to offer them to you. We operate in the CIS, the EU, and some Asian countries, thus we can offer a large number of schemes for depositing and withdrawing funds, both in cash and cashless forms.

Our services cost shall directly depend on the chosen models, jurisdiction and other individual issues. You can leave a request either on our website for the exchange of funds, or at the end of this page. We will be happy to provide you with a free consultation on your specific situation and assist in its implementation.

For legal entities, more than 7 basic options for operation are provided and individual development of exchange schemes shall be possible based on your company characteristics of and jurisdiction. We are actively cooperating with partners from Russia, Ukraine, UAE, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Belarus, Abkhazia, Turkey, Iran, Germany, Estonia, Egypt, Latvia, Lithuania, and Sweden.

Despite the ambiguous legal status in some countries, we have been able to find legitimate options for working in specific jurisdictions. BD provides services both in direct exchange, and through investments, ICO, mutual settlements and other options for conversion. You can either acquire a crypto-currency or sell it by obtaining legal monetary resources to your company account or that of an individual in the jurisdiction of your interest. All the operation main schemes with legal entities are described in a PDF file, which you can familiarize with by clicking on the link below.

The cost of our services depends on many parameters and shall be calculated based on the chosen scheme, the volume of transactions and their frequency. To familiarize yourself with the basic tariffs for our services, please visit our website For your issue detailed discussion, please leave a request at the end of this page and we will contact you. From our side, it shall be possible to pre-sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement relating the information, transmitted by you to us, in order to preserve banking and commercial secrets.

Investments in
Individual selection of the сryptocurrency portfolio
Fixed income in fiat currency for legal entities
We work with individuals and companies

We offer you the short-term and long-term investments services in the crypto-currency market. Both the investments in certain crypto-currencies and the portfolio assets formation for the risks distribution shall be possible. Thanks to the investment models developed by our lawyers, we provide these services in the markets of the EU, the CIS, and the Asian ones for both individuals and companies.

Investing in crypto currency for legal entities has a number of legislative features that we consider. All actions are of a strictly legal form and are designed taking into account your jurisdiction legislation specific features.

For mutual security of activity and asset management, it is very important for us to observe the legal framework when working with partners. By contacting the BD Company, you can be sure that your actions will be legitimate from a legal point of view. Transactions with crypto-currencies do not have a legal status, or are directly restricted legislatively in many countries.

During our operation, we have developed a number of models that allow such investments to be made, taking into account the laws of countries where crypto-currencies have ambiguous legal status or are restricted. For a detailed selection of the investment portfolio, discussion of the transaction process as well as legal advice, you can contact us by leaving a request on the site. We are open for personal meetings and detailed consultations on issues of concern to you.

Do you want to launch a legal entity in the EU, the CIS or an offshore company? We will be happy to help you and give you a full consultation regarding your task. During our activity, we have registered more than 40 companies in the EU and offshore jurisdictions.

We are specialize in IT Consulting related to the legal entities establishment, foreign companies (branches) representations as well as in banking services. Most of our activities are concentrated in the Baltic countries and Scandinavia, as well as many countries having an offshore status.

The process of a company launching or a bank account opening does not represent something complicated, although it has a number of features, depending on the country and the tasks. It is much more important to understand what you want to get from the company establishment and how you will use your legal entity.

We often face incomplete understanding of our clients for what they need a company, how to use it 100% and optimize their costs for maintenance significantly. By contacting us, you will receive a full list of services for organizing the company's activities, tax optimization and doing business with the greatest benefit for you. The initial consultation is absolutely free.

Do you carry out transactions in cryptocurrencies or in Fiat money, but are not sure of the counterparty? We have an offer – a Escrow Service for your transactions. First of all, we focus on legal entities making deals in crypto-currencies or in Fiat money. By sending funds in one way or another, you always have some risks associated with meeting the obligations of your counterparty.

Unfortunately, no contract will be able to protect your interests from dishonest execution of obligations by the second party by 100%. In this case, there is only one option that guarantees the transaction terms execution by both parties – the Escrow Service.

Our clients mainly use the Guarantee Service in their transactions with the crypto-currencies sale or purchase. This can be b2b (transactions between legal entities) and b2c (transactions between legal entities and individuals) contracts, when both parties are interested in the agreements implementation, but operate for the first time and are afraid of the chosen partner’s reliability. In such a case, we can guarantee the agreements full execution.

The Fiat money payment or a crypto-currency sending from our account comes only after the transaction acceptance by both parties. In addition, we are ready to make a currency exchange and make a payment in a form and jurisdiction convenient to you. For more detaied information about the terms of this service using, you can contact us or leave a request for getting consultation.

Do you need fiat money?
But don't want to exchange your cryptocurrency? We can give you a credit up to 90% from your cryptocurrency account, just for 0.3% per day!

You are probably familiar with the term “pawnbroker's office” and its meaning. A Crypto-pawnbroker's office operates on the same principle. Legal entities and individuals transfer a certain amount of money in a crypto currency to our company for safekeeping and receive a bank transfer in fiat money against its security. The agreement shall be concluded for the agreed time, upon its expiration, the crypto-currency owner returns the fiat money to the Blockchain Development Company and receives his/her cryptocurrency asset in exchange. We shall pay up to 90% of the crypto-currency nominal value and conclude agreements for up to 30 days.

The procent rate depends on the amount of requested funds and the term of the lien. We work with different amounts, so you can use the cryptopawnshop service without any particular risks.

his service is especially relevant when you have crypto-currency assets and are confident in the further growth of the token, but you need fiat money for other purposes or circumstances that force you to sell your assets for urgent payments in fiat currencies. Thanks to this service, you can leave the crypto-currency and get the fiat money against its security for other purposes, without the crypto-currency selling. Our clients have already appreciated all the delights of this offer and this direction is gaining increasing popularity.

All detailed information about the Crypto-Pawnbroker's Office activities shall be available on the website If you have any questions regarding such transactions carrying out, please either leave a request on this page or contact us via the contact information, available on the website.

Optimization of money
Often makes payments abroad?
Optimize costs, bypass restrictions and earn on your payments!
Absence of restrictions and censorship of translations
Europe, CIS, Asia, offshore
Additional income for transactions in CIS and EU
Input and withdrawal of funds in any form and currency

Most companies and individuals, making payments and transfers, spend substantial funds on the banks and money transfer systems commission fees. We offer options for integrating your payments with crypto-currencies and mutual payments.

With the use of payments in crypto-currencies with or without conversion to fiat funds, you can reduce the costs of international transactions and accelerate the processing of funds significantly. This option is also convenient in cases where you want to preserve the anonymity of the sender in a particular jurisdiction or avoid the actual indication of your legal person or personal data in the money remittance information.

Our company has special terms of service in the banks of Turkey, Czech Republic and Abkhazia. Due to such payments, we can take funds from offshore jurisdictions and convert them for further movement. Such solutions are ideal for regular transactions.

If you have a need to organize payments or transfers to the EU, the CIS or Asia, we are ready to develop and optimize the flow of funds schemes for you. With the right approach, you will be able not only to save, but also, in some cases, eliminate the processing payments cost completely. Contact us for personal advice and we will work out your issue.

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